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Ep04 – Cover crops, living mulches, capabilities & challenges of mesotunnel implementation; with Dr. Ric Bessin

Dr. Ric Bessin -a long-experienced extension specialist and entomologist from the University of Kentucky- shares his thoughts regarding mesotunnel production systems for cucurbit crops, focusing on the capabilities and challenges that using this type of crop protection brings for growers.

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Welcome to The Current Cucurbit podcast series. In this podcast series, we dive into the world of organic IPM for cucurbit crops, focusing on the experience of our interdisciplinary research project. We will expand your knowledge regarding the use of the mesotunnel production system as an IPM tool for cucurbit crops, the capabilities of living mulches for organic weeds control,  our efforts in the lab testing biocontrol agents for the main diseases that attack cucurbit crops, and more!

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