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Project's reports




The OREI Cucurbit Crops Project Year 1 Whole Team and Advisory Panel/Cooperative Grower Surveys - 2020 TECHNICAL REPORT (PDF)




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Summary of the 2020 field trial results - by Dr. Mark Gleason.









Summary of the on-farm trials from Iowa (2020): "Effect of Protek net on cucurbit crop growth and microclimate management" - by Dr. Ajay Nair.







Technical report: "Cucurbit growers' perceptions of mesotunnel production systems" (2020) - by Dr. Lois Morton, Nieyan Cheng, and Kaitlin Diggins.





aerial view of squash plot





Highlights of season 2020: an extract from the Oct-6th virtual meeting (preliminary results and open discussion with Advisory Panel) (PDF).






Project's objectives



The Project: Resilient systems for Sustainable Management of Cucurbit Crops 

A brief look at the research project's primary goals and objectives.