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On-farm trial at Scattergood Friends School (West Branch, IA):

Organic-weed management under mesotunnels for acorn squash production:

5 things you didn't know about muskmelons!


Sharon's experiments with acorn squash in Iowa:

Scouting for insect pests and bees in the pollination trials in Iowa:

Squash bugs vs mesotunnels:

Squash bugs feeding through the mesotunnel's net:


Bumblebee hive instalation inside the mesotunnels/pollination trial with acorn squash in Iowa:

Using Teff as a living mulch for weed control option in organic production of muskmelon:

Mesotunnel trials in acorn squash, by ISU-graduate student Sharon Badilla:


Mesotunnels trials in Iowa (ISU-Horticulture Research Station) 2021:

Effect of mesotunnels on cucurbit crop growth and microclimate (on-farm trials in Iowa, 2020) - Dr. Ajay Nair:

To download a PDF version of Dr. Nair's presentation click here.

How to Install a Mesotunnel: 

An introduction to "Resilient systems for sustainable management of cucurbit crops"