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What is CYVD? In this infographic we cover the basics of this important emerging disease in cucurbit crops:

cucurbit yellow vine disease infographic

PDF version of the infographic here

We've been included in the 7/28th issue of Kentucky Pest News newsletter:

KY pest news

Squash bug's lifecycle video:

Our infographic on mesotunnels is out now!

mesotunnel infographic

PDF version of the infographic here.

We're in July's issue of Small Farm Sustainability:

july issue small farm sust


Our project's grad students Sharon Badilla and Kephas Mphande are featured in the Solutions from the Land report (page 22). This report is a bold call to action by SFL Board Members, among them, our co-PI Dr. Lois Morton.



Front page




The Produce Pages (April 2021 issue), featuring "Mesotunnels: Next Best Tool for Organic Cucurbit Growers in the Northeastern US" on page g (PDF).






VegEdge newsletter (March 1st, 2021 issue) shares -on page 6- a reflection on the 2020 preliminary results in Cornell (Geneva, NY)(PDF).






PPT first page




Dr. Mark Gleason's presentation on Great Plains Growers Conference, 2021 (PDF).






VegEdge Jan21 issue



VegEdge newsletter (January 5th, 2021 issue) addresses -on page 6- mesotunnel use: what's a mesotunnel and what's it good for? (LINK).







downy mildew




Cucurbit downy mildew management for conventional and organic producers. By assistant extension professor Emily Pfeufer, UKY.









"Diagnostic Guide for Cucurbit Downey Mildew" - Salcedo et al. 2020






Great Lakes Vegetable Working GroupGreat Lakes Vegetable Working Group



This Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group (GLVWG) project will serve as a focal point for team building to develop, improve, maintain and expand IPM practices in the NC region.